A very solid platform for ecommerce solution is Django. There are many ecommerce websites based on Django framework. The key features of Django that are in favor of developers are:

A. Scalability: for startups it is a flawless platform that can manage huge influx of visitors at a time. It is made up of individual components that can be replaced as per the need.

B. Security: One wants to ensure that the website visitor feels safe about the security feature while making a transaction or purchasing for any service or good on the website. Django averts many common security faults. It also covers the source code of the website from directly being viewed.

C. Rich features: It has many creative features as compared to other frameworks. It allows the developer to build an app right from the beginning. It is a great support for e-stores that functions on user verification, RSS feed and managing content.

D. Friendly for SEO: The most important aspect of any ecommerce business and solution is search engine optimization or also known as SEO. While many frameworks such as JavaScript, Vue, React doesn’t support SEO properly, Django is one of the frameworks that supports SEO. Also, it is agile which creates a great customer experience.

E. Reliable: Django has been tried and tested for its reliability. It is an open-source framework which is python based which one of the top web-developing language.

Django Oscar Framework

Oscar Framework is an open source framework that makes little conventions about the task, which allows any portion of the project to be customized and stretched. In this manner, many multifaceted business rules can be addressed in synergy and stylishly.

Oscar e-commerce framework is used for building domain-driven applications. The essential business objectives can be customized to match the domain at hand. In this manner, application can perfectly seize the delicacies of the domain, which makes the feature creation and upkeeping simple.

Oscar framework offers flexibility that it is simple to apply business rules that would be problematic to apply in other frameworks.

– All kind of products can be managed that includes products that requires downloading, subscription based, or garments for children such as pants available in different shades and sizes.

– Any product can be customized as per the choice of the customer such as personal message on a tea mug

– For products that requires a huge catalogue support. Oscar is one of the best frameworks that supports over 20million products

– Numerous contentment associates for any given products

– For promotion of any product all over the website it offers a band of merchandising blocks.

– It also offers bundle buying, discount percentages and trade of on products.

– Vouchers and discount coupons

– It offers a holistic dashboard that substitute Django admin

– It also helps in cumbersome order processing such as different batch shipping, pipeline order status, and divided payment orders

– Multi-language support for many products categories

Saleor Framework

Saleor Framework is a fast growing open source platform for e-commerce that is serving high-revenue generating companies from its tributaries for example publishing and apparel.

Saleor Framework is based on Python and Django. It drives agile, flexible customer e-commerce experience which is a first GraphQL-first-ecommerce platform. It is a great platform for front end design and reduces complexities. Saleor Framework integrates all e-commerce system seamlessly which allows to use CRM, fulfillment system, and CMS easily. It is a great structure to design a faultless e-commerce storefront with very less effort, also it helps you to grow your business accordingly.

Saleor platform is used for creating e-stores, and it creates an interactive client interfaces which gives a great up-to-date and enrich shopping experience. The dashboard offered allows to effortlessly manage the products, customers, and functions. This helps the developers to achieve their job with efficiency and gives them a competitive advantage. It increases productivity and helps in analysis quickly.

One of the best features about Saleor is that offers e-commerce solution from startups to medium to large scale companies/retailers that manages inventory digitally and physically.

Another salient feature of Saleor is that is accessible for any ordinary online store and as well as for a PWA application. PWA refers to that users can download store application to any device and use it offline if they don’t have any internet access. Also, it allows them to make payments for orders and give shopping like experience.

It is a free to use open source platform with full features and version. It is having easy and neat code that are written in Python based on Django framework and a GraphQL API. The headless or API driven architecture increases the front-end experience by integrating with other APIs easily.